Trust Administration & Probate

The estate planning process can seem like an exercise in document creation. Without question, you have to state your wishes in writing when you plan your estate. At the same time, you should consider the tasks that must be completed after you pass away to bring your wishes to fruition.

Court Supervision

If you use a last will as your vehicle of asset transfer, you name an executor to administer the estate after you are gone. The estate administrator cannot act in a vacuum. After your passing, the executor would be required to admit the will to probate.

During probate, the Surrogate’s Court would supervise the administration of the estate. This legal process is streamlined in New York, but your executor may not fully understand the expectations of the court .

Our firm can help the executor navigate your estate through the probate process. Ultimately, your estate will pass through probate efficiently, and your heirs will receive their inheritances in a timely manner.

Trust Administration

When a trust is established, the individual who administers the trust is called the trustee. Once again,  there are legal steps that must be taken to effectively administer a trust.

We provide trust administration assistance. Our firm can work with your trustee to make sure that the trust is administered in full accordance with applicable laws. Ultimately, your assets will be preserved, and your loved ones will be provided for in precise accordance with your wishes.

We Are Here to Help

When you address every facet of the estate administration process, you can leave behind a turnkey situation for your loved ones after you pass away.

If you would like to discuss probate or trust administration with a licensed professional, we would be glad to answer your questions. Our firm offers consultations, and you can feel free to send us a message through this page to set up an appointment: Westchester NY Estate Planning Attorneys.

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The Law Offices of Mary Miller P.C.