Legacy Planning

There are various different ways to approach any responsibility. You can take minimal steps to cover the basics, or you can take a more comprehensive approach. This dynamic can apply to the estate planning process.

You could choose to create a  bare-bones plan that provides basic protections, but you may want to adopt a more holistic perspective. Legacy planning, which is a comprehensive form of estate planning, can be a more satisfying option.

Matters of the Heart 

Without question, there are monetary matters to address when you are crafting any type of estate plan. However, when you engage in the process of legacy planning, you also address matters that transcend dollars and cents.

When you craft your legacy, you shape the way that you will be remembered after you are gone, and you share important links to the past so that they will not be lost. Family heirlooms are part of the equation, and you can carefully select the ideal caretaker for each item when you are creating a legacy plan.

As an elder, you have memories that younger family members cannot access unless you share them.  With this in mind, your legacy plan could include your personal memoirs, and you could record the family history that you remember.

Charitable giving can enhance your legacy. When you set aside resources for worthy causes and institutions, you will always be remembered for your grateful, selfless nature.

Learn More

If you would like to learn more about legacy planning, download our special report. The report is free, and you can visit this page to access your copy: Free Legacy Planning Report.

Schedule a Consultation 

When you carefully craft your legacy plan, you prepare a parting gift to your loved ones that will endure the test of time. If you would like to take action, send us a message through this page to set up a consultation: Westchester NY Legacy Planning Attorneys.

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