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As every senior eventually discovers, our health needs and legal concerns evolve as we get older. With advancing age come a variety of different health care issues that often necessitate different levels of in-home or assisted living care. There can even be age-related competency issues that can force many seniors to rely on their children and others to provide help with decision-making to ensure that they don’t fall prey to abuse, fraud, and other criminal activities. There are a great many services available to seniors in our area, but families can sometimes experience frustration when they try to locate the help they need for their aging loved one. It can be helpful for seniors and their loved ones to have a more concise list of elder law resources in the Westchester County area to help them locate the assistance they need.


Finding the Right Courts

Guardianship of senior loved ones can be a sensitive issue, but it is something that many families have to face at one time or another. When you need to petition for guardianship, you will do so by contacting the courts. These links can help you find the help you need:


Mental Health Assistance

The aging process brings with it a variety of illnesses and conditions that affect the mental faculties and impair cognitive function. Often, seniors struggle with memory issues, clouded thinking, and problems managing many of their own day-to-day affairs. Other seniors may suffer from depression or other mental health issues that mandate some sort of treatment. Mental health care can be every bit as vital as physical care.

  • Westchester County Health Department (914) 995-2000. The County government provides access to psychiatric services by helping to coordinate mental health services. For emergencies, contact Crisis Prevention and Response Team at (914) 925-5959.
  • The Mental Health Association of Westchester County, Inc. (914) 345-5900. Mental health care services, recovery programs, and advocacy for patients and their families.
  • Outpatient Clinics – call (914) 995-5236 for assistance or review a list of clinics here.


Hospitals and Medical Clinics

Of course, physical health continues to be an issue as the years roll by, with entirely new health complications emerging as we age. Fortunately, there are many different health care providers in the area who can help seniors get the help they require.


Senior Support Services

Few of us can truly understand the unique challenges that seniors confront on a daily basis, and that can lead to a variety of frustrations for seniors and their families. Luckily, there are a number of senior support services locate in the community. These services can help seniors and their loved ones to more effectively meet age-related challenges.


Home Health Care

Most seniors prefer to put off moving to a nursing home as long as they can, and thus try to find ways to continue to live in their own homes. With some limited level of in-home care, many of the area’s elderly can remain in their homes for many years. Sometimes, that care is provided by family members. At other times, services like these can offer that extra help that seniors need to continue to live independently.


Nursing Homes and Retirement Communities

When home health care is no longer an option, seniors often have to consider long-term care options. In some instances, illness, injuries, or some form of disability result in the senior needing more care than can be provided in a home setting. Other times, mental incapacitation can leave seniors requiring the type of monitoring and regular care that can only be found in a residential long-term care setting. The good news is that there are many different options in the area, so seniors should have little trouble finding one that will meet their needs.

  • Tarrytown Hall Care Center (914) 631-2600. 120-bed skilled nursing facility offering seniors enhanced care and quality of life opportunities in a warm home setting.
  • Brightview Tarrytown (914) 297-8594. Senior living accommodations 61 assisted living apartments and a 29-apartment neighborhood for patients with Alzheimer’s and memory-related concerns.
  • Kendal On Hudson (914) 922-1000. Senior center offering independent and assisted living options, memory care, rehabilitation, and skilled nursing.


Seniors can also obtain more assistance by contacting AARP at 1-888-687-2277. That organization provides assistance to seniors in a variety of critical areas of life, and can help guide them through many of their most pressing age-related challenges.

The aging process presents all of us with new and more complex legal and health challenges, as senior care and elder law often intersect in ways the average person never expects. While housing matters, guardianship concerns, and ongoing and evolving health care needs can demand a great deal of attention, other concerns must be addressed as well. Often times, there are issues related to potential elder abuse, neglect, or fraud. Seniors also need to enjoy the benefit of having a sound estate plan in place to protect their assets and ensure that their finances are all in order.

At the Law Offices of Mary A. Miller, P.C., our experienced elder law and estate planning team can help to ensure that seniors and their families get the guidance and help they need to navigate these complex issues. To find out more, give us a call at (914) 939-6565 today or contact us at our website online.


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